Monday, November 30, 2009

Vocaloid RP christmas Tree

Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at

-Select a gift and place it under the tree.
-In the comments, type up which charatcer you are, and who you want the gift to go to.
-Ann will "hand" the gifts out by informing the characters of the gift they received from another character.

-Please only use characters you use in the comments. If I find someone leaving a message saying "Ann would like this gift to go to Haku." I'm going to glare evilly at my screen and kill yours with my jedi powers. over all, you get the idea.
-Give as many gifts as you would like.
-If you would like a message or poem sent with the gift, type it up in the comments. or if you add one later, you can note Sweet Ann's account with the information.

Merry Christmas DAV-RP

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

The people used in this video are: Sweet Ann, Big Al, Kyoune Len , Taito and Ted. Inside joke with the last 3.... They're all jerks until christmas time apparently. 8'D

SO CHEER UP AND GET INTO CHRISTMAS SPIRITS. And work on them songs too plox. omo

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Now for part two of the long update!

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See these? These are small chibi's that I have started to do lately. Any series or group to recommend that I may be interested in?

When there is a good amount of chibi art work done, I will start making buttons and keychains. More information to come on that later.


Long time no see? Life was pretty busy, but now I am back! And I come bringing many goods, that will be split into different entries for organizational purposes.

First of all:
Flele skins:
I have made a Vocaloid Spicy Andy Flele and a Voyakiloid Bitter Annie flele. Click the images for download.

Spicy Andy Flele
Click to download me!

Bitter Annie flele
Click to download me!